The 10 most popular haircuts of all time

The 10 most popular haircuts of all time

Celebrities made certain haircuts fashionable that has become classics. Surely you ever wanted to have any of them or keep them as a pending account for the future. Do you want to know what are the most popular haircuts of all time? I’ll show you right now!

The most popular haircuts of all time

# 1. Marilyn Monroemost popular haircuts

The sexy Marilyn left the whole world marked not only with her figure and sympathy but also with her haircut. So much so that this type of hairstyle is already called “the Marilyn cut”.

# 2. Mia Farrowmost popular haircuts

The extreme pixie cut that Mia Farrow wore in 1977 was in everyone’s memory and is still one of the most popular of all time. It is a cut that allows you to have a clear face and reveal all its beauty. Do you dare?

# 3. Farrah Fawcettmost popular haircuts

Farrah popularized a volume-layered cut that practically bears his name. Bulky hair was in fashion in the 70s, but Charlie’s Los Angeles actress knew how to set trends and create her own style.

# 4. Madonnamost popular haircuts

Madonna always knew how to change her hair and hairstyle in time to adapt it to her style and moment of life. However, the cut with short curlers, platinum blonde, which he took during the Who’s That Girl tour, went down in history.

# 5. Princess Dianamost popular haircuts

Her haircut remains one of the most coveted by women of all ages in history. Perfect, elegant and stylish, Diana knew how to win everyone’s admiration for her distinction.

# 6. Jennifer Anistonmost popular haircuts

Jennifer Aniston has a hair that several envies, and her haircuts are always impeccable and a good example to follow. But Rachel’s unforgettable cut, from the beginning of the Friends series, has become one of the most popular.

# 7. Sarah Jessica Parkermost popular haircuts

These informal cascading curlers are irresistible to any woman. Sarah Jessica Parker is a symbol, and her hairstyle has not gone unnoticed.

# 8. Danii Minoguemost popular haircuts

His perfect bob is one of the most popular haircuts of all time. It is sophisticated and safe, easy to maintain and care for. Any more attributes? It is perfect!

# 9. Blake Livelymost popular haircuts

The blonde actress, who became best known for her role as Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, set a trend with her hairstyle. Who did not want or want to have it like that? It is current, with movement and volume, everything a girl wants.

# 10. Victoria Beckhammost popular haircuts

The bob cut with which he debuted in 2006 quickly became a registered trademark and thousands of women were encouraged to wear it. It is an elegant style, which accentuates the jaw, cheekbones, and neck. Ideal to stand out.

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