Bridal nail art trends 2017: Everything you wanted to know!

Bridal nail art trends 2017: Everything you wanted to know!

If you are about to get married and you still have not decided how to draw your nails for the fateful day, do not miss the nail art trend bride 2017 we have selected for you! A lot of news, and also lots of confirmations of trends that we have seen in the past and who cannot go out of style. This year, your hands will be the real works of art on display and highlight the best day of all!

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French manicure

A classic of which you never tire is undoubtedly the French manicure that is reconfirmed between the nail art trend brides 2017. The reason is very simple. This type of manicure is able to adapt to any circumstance and especially to every style of dress, giving the bride elegance and sophistication. Very suitable for women who do not like to show off and who are afraid to dare with something more extravagant, a touch of real class to always be perfect and flawless!

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The minimal nails can be represented by the French manicure but also by all nude effect glazes, like pink, beige or light brown to match with a make-up by the same tones.

In these cases, you can dare to play with the special features such as a small drawing of only one of the nails, how about a record your left ring finger? Or even small points of light always apply on a single fingernail or more than one depending on your taste. The effect will be very stylish without going overboard.

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And if your desire is to make your dazzling hands, glitter glazes will be the winning choice, in fact, among the trends nail art bride 2016, the glitter does not pass by unnoticed. To be applied on the bezel, half of fingernail or on entire nail, white and silver color for the classic brides while a bright gold for the most eccentric and extravagant look lovers.

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Colored enamels

We saw how the wedding dresses for 2017 change color turning blue, pink or floral designs, for this nail art trends you are perfectly adequate!

In addition to classic neutral colors this year will be able to choose from many different tones including all shades of pink, lilac, tiffany green, and to impress everyone, first the husband, a bright red beautiful!

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Gain peace of classical and traditional idea and mingle in the most alternative designs of nail art trend bride 2016 stylized lines, floral or Arabic inspiration, or even real pictures that represent the bride and the bride to be married. Even small diamonds to be applied on all the nails or only some, imagination reigns supreme in this new way of understanding the nail art!

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