Wedding Band Trends Your Guy Won’t Want to Take Off

Wedding Band Trends Your Guy Won’t Want to Take Off

He’s popped the question and you said yes. You’re likely well into the planning stages of your wedding, and one of the things on the list is choosing a wedding band for the groom. You want to do something a bit different than the traditional gold or platinum solid band. Like yourself, you want your guy to be wowed by the ring you choose. This is particularly true for those guys who barely wear jewelry anyway. The idea is to find something he’ll never want to take off.

Textured Finish

If you like the idea of a classic band, but want to mix things up with a bit of character, purchasing a wedding band for men with a textured finish may be the solution. There are various textures to choose from including raised sections and hammered edges. You can have the ring custom made in any metal your guy would prefer.

Meteorite Rings

If you want to get him a wedding band that is out of this world, then you should consider a mens meteorite wedding ring. These rings have become all the rage these days for their unique look and interesting origin. The meteorite inlay against metals like titanium, gold, and silver look absolutely stunning.

Silicone Rings

The idea of buying a plastic wedding band for your groom-to-be may not seem ideal. However, if you’re not looking to spend a ton of money, if he’s not really into wearing rings, if he does manual labor for a living, or he enjoys playing sports, chances are the ring will get lost. You can save yourself a headache by purchasing a unique but affordable silicone ring. They fit snugly on the finger and won’t injure your significant other.

Titanium Rings

Titanium is best described as a durable silver-like metal found around the world. Though not as tough as alternative options like tungsten, titanium is lightweight. It comes in silver, gray, and black to match whatever other jewelry your guy puts on. It’s also hypoallergenic so you won’t have to worry about his finger turning green or him having an allergic reaction.

Diamond Rings

Girls aren’t the only ones who love a little bling. If your guy is into being flashy or simply loves diamonds too, there are plenty of options out there. You can choose just about any metal you’d like and have diamonds set in it. Smaller diamonds give off more shine when the sun hits, while larger ones make more of a statement.


Cobalt is a natural element found in the earth. Unlike titanium and tungsten, which tend to be more silver, cobalt seems to give off a whiter appearance. It’s also very easy to customize and is more scratch resistant than silver or gold.

Finding a Ring That Suits Him

Those are just a few of the most trending styles for men’s wedding rings. If you’re going to narrow down your options, it’s good to have a few key things in mind.

His personal preferences – what other jewelry does he wear? Has he ever discussed rings with you or even said he liked the ring of someone else? You want to get him something he wants so his personal preferences should matter.

His career and lifestyle – a wedding band is meant to stay on your ring finger forever. Depending on what your guy does for a living, this may be difficult. Consider his job and his lifestyle to determine if you need something more rugged and affordable.

His ring size – obviously, it’s kind of hard to customize a ring if you don’t have his size down packed.

Your budget – you should never spend more on a ring than you can afford. It is only a symbol of your love and should not bankrupt you before you tie the knot. Review your personal budget to see how much you can afford to pay for your groom’s ring. You can save money by choosing more affordable metals and shopping online.


You’re ready to spend the rest of your life with your fiance and you need the perfect wedding band to symbolize your love. Looking at the most popular trends and keeping the tips provided in mind should help you in finding a ring he’ll love forever – and hopefully, never take it off.

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