A guide to Budgeting for your wedding

A guide to Budgeting for your wedding

Whether you’re planning a lavish extravaganza or a simple affair, having a wedding budget can help you maintain focus and prevent you from getting carried away with unnecessary extras. Follow these helpful hints to enjoy the day of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Who’s paying for what?

One of the first things you need to consider is who is paying for your big day. These days, most parents won’t be footing the whole bill, but it might be worth sitting down with both families and working out if they want to help. It could be that one set of parents buys the wedding dress and the other pays for your venue or Mobile Bar Hire Cheltenham company that are providing the drinks at the evening do.  They could search for great deals online or just try sites like https://www.wearethemoversandshakers.com/ who provide a great service and quality products.

The wedding party

You’ll normally have to kit out key players in your wedding, but don’t be afraid to ask for contributions if your budget is tight. It is perfectly acceptable to ask bridesmaids to provide their own shoes, for example.

Wedding insurance

You might want to spend all your budget on exciting things such as paying for your wedding hotel venue but practical elements should also be given due thought. Wedding insurance is a must for protecting your budget and ensuring that you don’t lose everything if your day is affected by illness or seriously bad weather. Find some hints on choosing wedding insurance on the BBC website.

Decide on your priorities

Decide what is essential and what elements are negotiable. Do you have to have a live band or would a DJ still offer enough entertainment? Do you have a particular dream dress in mind, or do you have time to search for a bargain? You also need to decide how many people you are going to invite and stick to this figure.

Save or splurge

Whilst everyone likes a bargain, there are some areas of your wedding where you should be wary of scrimping too much. Your flowers and food will only be around for a single day, but your wedding photographs and those images of you and your wedding party will be around for years to come. Therefore, it can be a good idea to splash out on the wedding dress and a good photographer while saving on the shorter-lasting elements of your day.

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