Buying a Vintage Wedding Dress: Insider Tips

Buying a Vintage Wedding Dress: Insider Tips

Vintage fashion has undoubtedly had a revival in recent years. Amid rails of mass-produced clothing from modern retailers, more and more people are becoming enticed by the ethics, longevity and originality of one-off vintage pieces.

According to the BBC, vintage style has never been more popular, so if you are a fan of fashion gone by then you may well decide that the most important dress of your life has to come from a vintage rail. Bagging beautiful bridal wear can isn’t always straightforward, so here are some things to consider.


How Stuff Works categorises ‘vintage’ as anything that is 20-25 years old or pre 1990. As you can imagine, this incorporates a lot of beautiful wedding dress designs from several different eras. It’s no use saying you simply want something vintage: you need to do your research and specify a style or era.

Shop Around

Visit vintage fairs, flea markets, car boot sales and charity shops to get a feel for what is out there. Remember that most vintage garments are unique, so keep an open mind and hunt high and low for ‘the one’. You may even pick up inspiration for décor and accessories along the way.  If you have spotted a great one online but it’s a long way away, don’t be put off buying it as a Slough Same Day Courier company found.

Try It On

In years gone by people were typically smaller, and this was reflected in their clothing sizes. Vintage garments are smaller, so make sure you try it on and don’t go solely by the label (if it has one). With the help of a talented seamstress, any adjustments can usually be made quite easily.

Check the Quality

Don’t become so blinded by the perfect dress that you ignore serious imperfections. A missing button or slight tear can be repaired, but yellow stains and damaged lace are far more difficult to rectify.


Don’t forget to pick up jewellery, head wear and shoes that match your style. You can usually pick up vintage accessories very cheaply at fairs or in charity shops.
Don’t Delay

If you spot ‘the one’, don’t pass it by. Vintage means unique, so ask the store to hold it or risk someone else snapping it up!

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