Nine wedding decoration ideas. Don’t miss them!

Nine wedding decoration ideas. Don’t miss them!

Being aware of the latest trends in wedding decoration is key to achieving the desired results and reflecting your personality in the different spaces for the ceremony and celebration. Ready to succeed on the big day?

As you prepare for the big day, important decisions need to be made, such as what time of year the “I do’s” will take place, whether yours will be a civil or religious ceremony, and what wedding style you want. But they are not the only choices that must be made, as you must also choose the best original ideas for weddings and be clear about how you want to dress in the different spaces of the magical wedding day. If you dream of an absolutely perfect celebration, it is important that you know the latest trends in wedding decoration. In this way, you will achieve brilliant results, worthy of a unique wedding, full of personality, and with an incomparable style. So if you are starting to organize the wedding, think no more! Find out what’s hot in wedding decoration and celebrate an unforgettable link in every way. Let’s start!

Natural Decoration

Trends in wedding decoration

The natural setting is a must in current wedding decoration. Simplicity in every corner and the most natural essence will fill both the ceremony space and the celebration space with life and style. Classic glass vases with romantic seasonal flowers, a variety of bright green leaves, tree trunks, wooden pallets, straw bales, and various plants … There are numerous and varied options, valid both for decorating a rustic wedding as simple, romantic, or classic. ..

Original Wedding Decoration: Suspended Elements

Anything goes in this regard. They can hang from the ceilings of the banquet hall or from the branches of trees, but what is certain is that suspended elements will continue to set the trend, creating an incredible result. As fascinating as it is magical, the exceptional effect they provide will be highly commented on by all those present. Impossible not to fall in love with such beauty! When choosing you can opt for glass spheres of different sizes, glass jars, for mini metal cages, or colored perforated vases… They will look great arranged at different heights on the banquet tables, especially if they include natural flowers, small corsages, or candles inside. The result will be the same in any case: a simple wedding decoration and a romantic wedding decoration…really amazing!

Country Brushstrokes

In 2022, day and outdoor weddings will continue to be very topical, whether in the countryside, in a forest, in a garden, or next to the beach. And, among the different possible wedding decoration ideas, the cottage comes aesthetic – very Bridgerton-style – that will have great prominence. What is this style? Basically, a reinterpretation of the country style but with a halo of romanticism. What elements cannot be missing in a wedding with country touches? Lots of wooden furniture –especially of a retro essence–, as well as numerous flower arrangements and the latest on the bridal scene: macramé, which, in 2022, will set the general tone when it comes to outdoor wedding decoration.

Casual And Very Personal Style

Casual and protocol-free weddings have numerous followers among current couples. And is not for less! What are its main advantages? They allow you to give free rein to your imagination and gain originality and personality. What elements are not usually missing? Natural elements, furniture from bygone eras -restored or recycled-, a variety of fabrics -plain or printed- and all kinds of flowers and plants are very common. Although you have the last word at all times and you can include whatever you want. Of course: it is important to find the perfect balance between the different pieces, to make sure that they combine with each other, and to avoid overloading the different scenarios too much. And everything is allowed. But in the right measure.

Maximum Customization: Floral Decoration For Weddings

Whatever wedding style you choose, the truth is that all couples want to make a difference on the big day and personalize the different wedding settings to the fullest to achieve the desired wow effect among all those present. And among the many options to achieve this, flowers have a very prominent role. Thus, they are perfect for dressing the chairs of the ceremony or the chairs of the wedding banquet with small floral compositions that can be held as is, with pretty bows, for example, or placed inside vases or glass jars. More possibilities? Some bouquets of flowers will be ideal also dressing places as different as the centerpieces, the sweet table or candy bar, the guest book, the chill-out area, the welcome space, the seating plan… These are simple and cheap wedding decoration ideas, but very colorful and full of charm at the same time.

Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas: Green Leaves As A Versatile Resource

Essential in the wild bridal bouquet, green leaves can also give a lot of play when it comes to dressing the different settings of the wedding. Thus, the olive tree, the ivy, the eucalyptus, or the moss, for example, will be perfect for decorating the altar, the seating plan, or small corners, such as the banquet tables, the chairs, the wedding minutes … They can be an excellent alternative to the traditional rice that everyone present will throw at you at the end of the ceremony! This variety of greens will make the big day even more romantic, simple, and original.

Wedding Decoration Ideas: Geometric Elements

For several seasons now, geometric elements have set the trend in the bridal world. And, today, they are as present in 2022 wedding dresses as in various decorative elements. Above all, it is very common to find them shaping the altar itself and in the centerpieces of the wedding banquet. They can be circles, hexagons, squares, rectangles… If you are seduced by the idea, you can also opt for any of these shapes for the background of the ideas for the photocall or for the blackboard or board with the seating plan. And, although it is not a decorative idea as such, it is also common to find metal and glass boxes and wooden bases with geometric shapes used as ring holders. A decorative must-have that will allow you to be up to date and that will stand out in any setting.

Wedding Signs

Indispensable in today’s weddings held abroad and, mainly, in a single space, wedding posters are useful, practical, and very decorative elements. In order to guide family and friends through the different places, you can also use them when leaving beautiful messages to your loved ones. How about receiving them with words full of affection and good wishes? Currently, these posters have become a basic in the decoration of simple weddings, so they cannot be missing in your “yes, I do”.

Wedding Table Decorations: Mix Of Colors

Neutral tones, such as nude and beige, for example, are very common in bridal decoration, as are green, brown, and white. Some colors that will harmonize perfectly with much more intense and striking tones, such as fuchsias, blues, oranges, reds, purples, or yellows., among others. A mixture that can be seen in the different settings, but which is especially common at the tables of the wedding lunch or dinner thanks to the various shades of the centerpieces, the chandeliers, the table runners, and the table linens -although it is each more and more common to dispense with them in favor of “naked” tables – the plates, the serving dishes, the cutlery, and the glasses. The latter, above all, will make the difference. And it is that the decoration of glasses for original weddings is one of the essentials of the current links.

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