Russian manicure: what is it and how is it done

Russian manicure: what is it and how is it done

Unlike other manicures, the Russian manicure is somewhat complex to perform. In this sense, it is recommended to go to an expert.

The world of manicures brings a new invention season after season: gold foil, French, and velvet nails … Today we have to tell you about the Russian manicure, a trend that is becoming the favorite of many. Even if you have short nails, this manicure will make your hands shine.

What is the Russian manicure about?

The professional explains that the Russian manicure is done with a lathe and various types of strawberries or drill bits are used. With this, a deep cleaning of each of the nails is sought and the cuticle is eliminated in its entirety; a procedure that must be done in dry mode.

After removing the cuticle, the enamel is applied as close to the area where it grows. That is why this type of manicure is recommended to be done only with experts in the field since it is somewhat complicated as it requires pressure with the drill and meticulousness when cleaning.

Types of Russian Manicures

Unlike other nail trends, the Russian manicure focuses on cleaning the cuticle, so it’s not limited to just one type of polish or finish. The truth is that you can play a lot with this style.

This technique requires professional participation, as it carries some risks when removing the cuticle.


If you want elegant and timeless nails, the classic style is the option you should go for. To achieve this look, the professional will give the nails a round or oval finish and use the same color on all of them.


This style is preferred for everyday life, whether going to work or university, as well as doing earrings or housework. These are short nails with a square tip.

Like the previous one, it is common that they all have the same tone, although these are usually more vivid and daring, such as red, black, and even the matte finish.


For this manicure, the nail should be long so that it can take on a narrow tip. Finish off with a rectangular shape.


Similar to the ballerina, but with a pointed finial. Yes, just like her shoes. It’s impractical, but it looks impressive. The best part is that jewelry is added to them.

What else should you know about Russian manicures?

In addition to the above, there are some important considerations about the Russian manicure:

  • It lasts around 3 to 4 weeks, in contrast to its counterparts, which last 10 days.
  • Its cost in Spain ranges from around 40 euros.
  • By not having to repeat such frequent cleaning, this type of manicure allows the nails to harden and preserve better.
  • You can do this manicure with acrylic or gel nails. In addition, you can choose between normal or permanent enamel.

Differences between Russian and normal manicures

Russian manicure has some differences from normal or traditional one. First, there is the technique. This type is characterized by using the lathe to completely remove the cuticle.

Second, there is the fact that you should only do it with a professional. The nail trend requires an expert or there could be complications.

Third and last is appearance. With the Russian manicure, the aim is for the nails to look clean, well cared for, and without cuticles. While the traditional it is intended to improve the appearance in a generic way.

Russian manicure is a technique only for experts

Sofya explains that some clients are afraid that the cuticle will be removed, due to the problems associated with this (proliferation of bacteria and infections, weakening of the nail). However, according to the professional, when the Russian manicure is performed by an expert, there should be no risk of damaging the nail.

On the other hand, he advises caution when removing permanent nail polish at home. Many tend to do it without the proper materials and this ruins the job.

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